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About Kasa Systems

How everything started

We, Sami Karaa and David Camara, together gained experience in different bitcoin-mining and altcoin-mining-companies for more than five years. To understand the topic even better, we studied mining all over the world, exchanging information regarding the future of mining and afterwards built up our own miners. We traded and had others trading for us and were able to win more than 10,000 customers worldwide. During this time, we recognised a very important part of the business to be not available for investors and entrepreneurs. With our experience as entrepreneur and founder of several companies, we managed to close this gap successfully.

Our plans for the future

We have a great vision. Being market leader in the bitcoin-mining-business for investors and entrepreneurs we are maintaining our position with an annual growth in the double or triple digit percentage. We offer the best services to use your bitcoin investment assets profitably. Being supported by the worldwide best experts, we always use the most recent know-how. In case of new technological developments, we can advise and help you, always making sure that your investment assets stay most profitable.

Our Datacenter

About our Data center

At the moment, we are running mining plants in China and in Canada.

Thanks to an own hydroelectric power station to provide the supply with cheap power, we are safe and independent in China.

The plant in Canada even provides another advantage next to the political stability and the cheap power supply. The hardware is set up in transportable mini-containers. In case of unexpected happenings, we would be able to transport them to every place on earth.

The extension of the current locations and the construction of new ones is already intended.

  • We offer not only Bitcoin-mining, but also Altcoin-mining.
  • The hardware is set up, accustomed, maintained and supervised by experts.
  • The manufacturer guarantees the hardware’s safe delivery to China and Canada.
  • The miners are connected to one of the best known, largest and strongest pool (AntPool) all over the world. Each customer is able to supervise the mining process of the miners having an online access account.

About Mining

How easy it is to mine your own Bitcoins

Originally coming from the mining industry, the term “mining” today means the calculation of bitcoin or other crypto currencies. While providing computing power, you earn digital money. Have it been possible to mine at home only a few years ago, the effort is not worth it anymore because the required power is too high. Therefore, and because at home, the calculation would last far to long, mining only takes place in so-called pools.

With us, you get the required hardware as well as the connection to the mining-pool including the needed logistic. Now, you are best possible equipped to mine crypto currencies. From then, you only need to let our calculators work for themselves and increase your property.

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The development of bitcoin

With worldwide growing interest, the Bitcoin, oldest crypto currency still is rising the fastest. Perry Woodin is quoted by The Street: “It will be the year in which every friend and relative would like to know, how much you have and how someone can buy it. The subject bitcoin will be ultimate topic of conversation.”  Chapman claims the Bitcoin

Price to rise more than 100,000$ in 2018 after climbing 1,600% in 2017. Whoever had immediately invested that year, would be rich meanwhile. John McAfee, founder of the anti-virus software company with same name twittered on July 17th, 2017: „Bitcoin will increase its worth up to 500,000$ . You want to bet?“

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